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Sedation dentistry offers patients from all over the Midlands a comfortable way of achieving their dental goals and often in only one visit. You will be conscious but will feel no pain. You can feel confident that you are in good hands, as Dr. Wych has received advanced training in sedation dentistry. 

With conscious sedation, you will be completely relaxed, often snooze through the appointment and have no recollection of the dental visit. We are able to customize your sedation experience with a combination of techniques to give you the safe, secure experience you deserve while we treat your dental needs.


Our sedation dentistry is completely safe. You're expertly monitored by a licensed nurse and Dr. Wych. We offer a unique combination of oral and intravenous sedation that combines the best of all worlds to give you the most relaxation possible for a dental visit.

More about Sedation Dentistry

The sedation dentistry our Columbia-area practice offers eliminates the anxiety and fear you get when thinking about going to the dentist. You take the pill an hour before coming to our office. A companion of your choice then drives you to our office.

You arrive in a relaxed and drowsy state. From this point on, Monitored at all times by staff and doctors with the advanced training required by South Carolina. You are released from your treatment minutes after completion. After a comfortable and easy day, you will emerge from the experience refreshed, with straighter, whiter teeth.

We offer sedation dentistry to Columbia area residents for a variety of reasons. You’re a likely candidate for sedation dentistry if you have a high fear of going to the dentist, because it’s like you never went at all!

You might also consider it if you have had a previous traumatic dental experience and want to come to us for a different kind of treatment. Some patients cannot go through with the more traditional procedures of dentistry because of a bad gag reflex or difficulty with needles or numbness.

The more complex your problem, the more likely sedation dentistry at our office near Columbia might be right for you. No matter how tough the operation, you won’t remember the time it took or feel any of the pain that might otherwise be involved.

Our experienced dental staff work hard to ensure you receive the best care and treatment that any cosmetic dentist Columbia SC has to offer. Irmo Dentists Columbia SC are trained in every area of dentistry and take every care to provide a comforting service.

Our dental services are extensive and exceptional which include dental implants, teeth whitening, wisdom teeth removal, dental veneers, Invisalign technology and painless dentistry to ensure we are the most professional and caring general and cosmetic dentistry in Irmo and Columbia SC.

Dr. Greg Wych’s Dental office in Columbia SC team prides itself on exceptional customer care. Visit our Dentist at Irmo SC today and see how we are making the city smile! See the difference, feel the difference.

Also, we know that sometimes bad teeth can be an embarrassment, and through sedation you won’t have to overcome your shyness in showing us the problems afflicting your gums and mouth. To learn more about sedation dentistry near Columbia in Irmo, South Carolina, please contact our office today at 803-781-1600!

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