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Greg Wych was the 1st Dental Provider for Fast Braces in South Carolina.  He is the only MASTER AFFILIATE in South Carolina and has been a spokesperson for Orthoworld© who manufactures Fast Braces©.

Since they were created in 1992 as an alternative to traditional braces, thousands of people have used Fastbraces® to get straighter, healthier smiles. Fastbraces® move teeth roots and crowns at the same time. As a result, most people can see success with Fastbraces® in about a year. Dr. Wych is proud to offer Fastbraces to his patients. To find out if Fastbraces is right for you call and come in for an evaluation. To make an appointment, call us at (803) 781-1600.


How Fastbraces Works

Fastbraces® works on a different mechanical principle altogether Historically, braces would move the crown of the tooth in the first year, and the root of the tooth in the second year, thus requiring two years of treatment. Fastbraces® are specifically designed to move the crown and root of the teeth at the same time, from the beginning of the treatment. Patients can now get results often with less sensitivity, in about a year, and in some instances, just a few months.

Why Are Teeth Crooked?


To understand how teeth are straightened with Fastbraces®, you must first understand why teeth are crooked. Teeth are crooked because they come in the mouth tilted, sideways and not upright in the position they need to be straight. This means that the root of a crooked tooth is not straight (upright) as it should be if the tooth erupts crooked. The triangular braces used at Fastbraces® aim to upright the root of the tooth from the beginning of the treatment.

In order to do this, a big enough square wire is needed to be inserted in the braces in order to torque and upright the root. The conventional braces are typically square in shape and don’t provide for enough room between them. If the square braces are replaced with triangular ones, the distance between the braces doubles. By doubling the distance, the flexibility of the square wire increases eight times. We are able to engage a square wire comfortably and easily between the braces in order to upright the root from the beginning of the treatment and complete treatment in about a year or as little as 3 months in some cases.

The Research Agrees

The Fastbraces® System has undergone university research and testing to ensure safety and optimal performance for patients. Research confirmed the following key areas:

Teeth Move Easily

The university research showed the lowest friction with Fastbraces® patented braces system.

Lower Sensitivity

Research has shown “lower sensitivity” and greater “pain reduction” with Fastbraces®, “a clear-cut reduction in sliding friction” and “the lowest mean frictional forces” compared to the traditional braces tested.

Teeth Are Safe

Research has shown that the longer patients wear braces, the more root resorption (tooth root shortening) they have. University research in the same journal showed that Fastbraces® presented “even less root resorption” than the traditional systems tested. Fastbraces® believes this is due to the fact that it moves the whole tooth in one stage, and therefore patients don’t stay in braces a long time. Dr. Wych has seen significant results in his patients using Fastbraces. To find out if Fastbraces is right for you call and come in for an evaluation.

Our experienced dental staff works hard to ensure you receive the best care and treatment that any cosmetic dentist in Columbia, SC has to offer. Staff members are trained in every area of dentistry and take every care to provide a comforting service.

Dr. Greg Wych’s Dental office in Columbia, SC prides itself on exceptional customer care. Visit our Dentist in Irmo, SC today and see how we are making the city smile! See the difference, feel the difference.

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