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Dental Care 

Dr. Gregory Wych is a Dentist in Columbia, SC that uses the latest, most advanced technology in his practice – not only for Columbia but in the surrounding region.


Dr. Wych and his staff have been trained extensively in the use of the following equipment:

  • Intraoral camera

  • Digital X-Rays

  • Cone Beam Technology

  • Envision Smile

About Our Dental Technology

The Wych Method for Complete Dentistry

Dr. Wych takes a unique approach to crafting your smile. While many dentists send their preliminary models of your teeth to a distant dental lab to make your teeth, Dr. Wych performs these vital steps himself. He will discuss your needs and desires before starting, and can even provide a digital preview of your new smile. These extra steps help to insure that you get the results you want and deserve.

Cone Beam Technology

Shows us everything in three dimensions and is the standard of care in implant dentistry for a more thorough diagnosis. The latest computers allow us to see your teeth with just one picture! Now an X-ray of your mouth can be made that shows us every tooth. This allows us to provide you with results faster than ever before. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way with a straighter, healthier smile! If you’d like to know more about Cone Beam Technology, call us today at 803-781-1600!

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera is a revolutionary diagnostic dental tool that allows us to more easily identify potential problems within the mouth early on. The tiny intraoral camera is inserted into the patient’s mouth, taking pictures of the teeth and displaying the images on a computer screen. Using the intraoral camera saves time and makes problems easily visible to both patient and dentist. Our Columbia-area patients can view the areas Dr. Wych will be working on, making procedures more understandable. The accompanying software also provides clear and accurate data so that the best treatment options can be selected. To learn more about the intraoral camera, call us today at 803-781-1600!

Envision Smile

See what your smile can look like in less than 10 minutes with Envision Smile. This new software can take a digital photo of your smile and enhance it, to show you a very real preview of what your smile can look like. See what the real possibilities are available for your smile!

Digital X-Rays

At the office of Dr. Gregory Wych we use digital X-rays. These digital dental X-rays offer many advantages. Although the risk of radiation damage from normal X-rays is small, digital X-rays limit exposure by 90 percent, enhancing your safety significantly. Each X-ray of your teeth is taken in an instant. Then the X-rays are transmitted to a computer screen, where Dr. Wych will review them with you. You can see any problems for yourself while reviewing your treatment options together with the doctor. Digital X-rays help you to be more informed about your own dental health. If you would like to learn more about digital X-rays, call us today at 803-781-1600!

Our experienced dental staff works hard to ensure you receive the best care and treatment that any cosmetic dentist in Columbia, SC has to offer. Staff members are trained in every area of dentistry and take every care to provide a comforting service.

Our dental services are extensive and exceptional.  Our services include dental implants, teeth whitening, wisdom teeth removal, dental veneers, Invisalign technology and painless dentistry to ensure we are the most professional, caring general, and cosmetic dentistry in Irmo and Columbia SC.

Dr. Greg Wych’s Dental office in Columbia, SC team prides itself on exceptional customer care. Visit our Dentist in Irmo SC today and see how we are making the city smile! See the difference, feel the difference.

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