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3 Reasons Why Dentists Loves the Month of April

Updated: May 21, 2021

Don’t be mistaken, dentists love every day of every month of the year they get to fight off cavities for their trusting patients. But they seem to favor a couple of months that really focus on the dental health awareness message.

Now that spring is upon us, April gives dentists three more oral health topics to discuss with patients, team members, blog readers, and just about anyone who is willing to listen.

April Is Oral Cancer Awareness Month: When it comes to identifying potential warning signs of oral cancer, dentists are often the first ones to notice any abnormalities. Oral cancer screenings are performed during your normal six-month dental checkup, which is just another in the long list of reasons to see your dentist regularly.

April 13th-19th is National Oral, Head, and Neck Cancer Awareness Week: Dentists love this opportunity to educate their patients and local communities by promoting education and awareness about how dangerous (but preventable) oral cancer can be, and they rally at the chance every time April rolls around!

April Is National Facial Protection Month: In the United States, dentists bring the dental health message with both barrels during the month of April. Parents, athletes, teachers, coaches, referees, umpires, athletic directors, insurance agents, school administrators, or any other participants either directly or indirectly involved with youth sports understand the need to protect our children from injury.

April Fool’s Day: Sure, we could have gone the easy route and said a spring dental cleaning is another reason why dentists love April so much, but that would be too self-serving for these diligent defenders of dental health. While some of us do ring in April with a regularly scheduled dental checkup and exam, our third reason why dentists love this month is that there is most definitely one day in the month of April when we all manage to crack a smile…April Fool’s Day.

Whether it’s some timely viral video making the rounds through your email inbox or some side-splitting shenanigans, you have to admit that no matter how of a kill-joy you are about April Fool’s Day, you do actually manage at least one extra smile that day.

Let us do what we do best – make you smile – call today to schedule an appointment and let us share our love for the month of April with you!

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