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With the arrival of spring comes a favorite tradition of your dentist Columbia SC and most of the rest of the country: March Madness. The tournaments are always fun and exciting to watch, and the bookmakers are kept quite busy.

It’s a safe bet that no one has ever picked a picture-perfect bracket in the history of March Madness. In fact, the odds of doing it are reported to be 1 in 9.2 quintillion.

Reports have surfaced saying that Warren Buffett has teamed up with Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert to award a $1 billion award this year, to anyone who submits a perfect NCAA tournament bracket.

The downside?   The $1 billion will be spread out over a 40-year period at just $25 million a year, unless the winner decides to take a $500 million lump sum and call it a day.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Buffett said he fills out NCAA tournament brackets and isn’t always proud of his picks.  If this March Madness does produce a major miracle, and a lucky participant happens to be one game from a 10-figure payday, Buffett says he would accompany him to the national championship being held on April 7.

Did you know that a basketball player is twice as likely to sustain an injury than a football player? 

Sure, behind this fact is an obvious reason:  Football players wear a variety of protection pieces while participating in their sport, unlike basketball players, most of whom wear little protection at all.

But while watching Harvard play Arizona during the third round game during last year’s March Madness, at less than a minute into the second half, basketball fans everywhere watched as Siyani Chambers took an inadvertent elbow to the mouth from the Wildcats’ Kevin Parrom, chipping a tooth in the process.

Could his injury have been avoided with a mouth guard?

dentist Columbia SCYou might think it’s senseless to wear a mouth guard in what is supposed to be a non-contact sport.  But your dentist Columbia SC finds that quite often dental injuries can be permanent and disfiguring.

A serious hit to the head can crack or chip teeth, or even knock them out.  But the worst kind of oral injuries are when the teeth actually act as a weapon and unintentionally bite into the lips and mouth.

So if you or someone you love is a weekend baller or a student involved in school sports, contact the office of your dentist Columbia SC today to schedule an appointment to determine if a mouth guard can help prevent injuries.


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