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Everyone has a favorite “TV dad,” one who taught us what we needed to know about life every week in less than an hour. To celebrate these amazing “TV dads” dentists Columbia SC shares a list of the top five favorite dads of all-time.

Andy Griffith, The Andy Griffith Show

Andy Griffith, The Andy Griffith ShowAndy Griffith is one of the most well-known fathers, SINGLE fathers at that, on television. As a busy small-town sheriff, he dealt with many parenting challenges, especially with his son Opie. He handled every crazy situation with unconditional love and saw those opportunities as learning experiences. This ultimately led to the development of his son’s character. One thing we can remember about Andy Griffith is his infectious smile; he always showed those pearly whites and wasn’t afraid to show off his teeth!


Mike Brady, The Brady Bunch

Mike Brady, The Brady BunchMike Brady always found a way to manage his job, and taking time out of his day for all six of his children. One marriage, six children, and one set of parents managed to keep it all together, with the help of Alice of course. His character had three children of his own and “adopted” three more and a housekeeper, Alice, when he married Carol. While he had a very busy and demanding job, he always found time to teach his children important lessons and provided them with a strong family example. This always smiling character didn’t hesitate to show his great teeth.


Tim “the Tool Man” Taylor, Home Improvement

Tim “the Tool Man” Taylor, Home ImprovementTim Taylor had a habit of injuring himself and other people both on his show, Tool Time, and in everyday life. He was also an amazing dad with a strong bond to his three boys. He was able to connect with and relate to his family and always admitted mistakes, even though he needed some coaxing at times.  Another dad with a great smile, he was always able to make people laugh with his gorgeous set of teeth; dentists Columbia SC agree!


Cliff Huxtable, The Cosby Show

Cliff Huxtable, The Cosby ShowBill Cosby is not only an actor, but one amazing comedian. He always found a way to make serious life issues funny by cracking jokes or giving straight-faced one-liners. He was a great father to his five children and modeled excellent communication with his family providing the best advice for any situation. With his ability to make jokes on his television show, one always saw his smile and those shiny white teeth.


Carl Winslow, Family Matters

Carl Winslow, Family MattersCarl Winslow was the father of three children of his own and took on the father role for the awkward and geeky Steve Urkel. Steve was his next-door neighbor although Carl was always there to give him advice and protect him making him feel like part of his family. Carl’s deep laugh and big, dimple-filled smile (probably the best smile of all these dads) kept his audience laughing non-stop.

All of these dads showed America what being a father SHOULD be about. They all had amazing smiles and always put a smile on their audience’s face. Dentists Columbia SC can give you a smile just like theirs so when you are laughing with your family, those times will be filled with memories.

Happy Father’s Day to all the great Dad’s out there!


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