In a recent survey that was conducted they found that most dentists are of the same opinion that cosmetic imaging heightens the rates of case-acceptance and enhances communications and case-planning.

Over the years, there has been an evolution of elective dentistry.  Apparently, the tooth fairy is handing new teeth to individuals who want them through a simple visit a local dentist.  You are already able to go to a spa and have a variety of cosmetic dental work executed while getting a massage or other spa treatments.

Cosmetic Treatments Are On The Rise

Services in cosmetic dentistry are exploding.  The trend is being driven by both the consumers and the emerging advancements in technology.

In a press release which was issued by the ADA, David A. Garber, DMD, stated that dentistry services have moved from a needs-based practice to one that is wants-based; that is, from alleviating pain to enhancing the way an individual look and feel about himself or herself.

Until recently, the materials and techniques were not available and cosmetic methods were focused primarily on taking care of issues in a single tooth.

Currently, the entire smile is addressed.  An entire smile can be revamped and pleasant dental-facial relationships can be developed.

CI or Cosmetic imaging is the first handmaiden where cosmetic restoration is concerned.  It is a method of educating the patients in relation to the outcome of the treatments.

Without a doubt, it is a possible way of securing commitment and establishing logical expectations.  A procedure as common as teeth whitening often sells itself; however, the advertisements which illustrate the benefits have dramatically supported growth by relying on the images that show the “before” and “after.”

These days, tooth whitening is projected to be a $600 million industry that is reportedly experiencing growth of 15 to 20 percent each year.

Pictures Of The Mouth And Teeth

Computer imaging technology enables the cosmetic dentist to show pictures of the mouth to the patients to depict the before and what the teeth will look like after the procedure is done and all this will be done in advance of the work actually being carried out.

The cosmetic dentist will show the patient photographs of the area of that mouth that is to be repaired and then use graphics imaging software to correct the flaw on the screen of the computer.

After all, seeing is believing and getting the chance to view the modified image on the screen will assist a patient in deciding whether or not the procedure is the right thing for them.

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