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America was literally forged on the battlefield. So of course we have a long and storied history in warfare. There have been battles throughout American history that stand out beyond just simple victory.  

These battles show the resiliency, heroism and unwavering tendency to flourish despite impossible odds burning in the hearts of America’s men and women.  

Here are our top 5 favorites.

5. Operation Desert Storm – Gulf War

Anti-aircraft stations were quickly dispatched and the jets operated largely unchallenged in complete stealth. Iraqi forces could only respond by launching missiles into Israel and burning Kuwaiti oil fields in a scorched earth strategy.

4.  Battle of Okinawa – WWII

Yanks rolled out a naval campaign rivaling D-Day, but it came at a loss of the majority of the population of Okinawa in the crossfire. The fighting was fierce, but much of the credit for the victory must go to the rag-tag mix of rookies and battle-hardened soldiers in the sixth Marine division who single-handedly captured most of the island.

3Invasion of Normandy – WWII

Despite the unbelievable odds, groups of bloody and water-logged survivors carved improvised footholds on the beach and exploited weaker points further inland to achieve their objectives over subsequent days.

2.  The Battle of Iwo Jima – WWII

The men of the red, white and blue split the island in half by the end of day one. Though they could only advance a couple hundred feet a day, they managed to trap the Japanese and take the small island in a month.  The fight produced one of the most enduring images in American history of six soldiers raising the flag.

1.  Battle of Yorktown  – American Revolutionary War

With the full brunt of the American and French forces at 20,000 strong, they outnumbered the stranded British two to one. While the French blocked the British supply routes offshore, Washington’s forces surrounded Cornwallis’ troops and Americans dropped 1,728 shells a day with an average of 1.2 every minute for three weeks. Once Cornwallis realized his reinforces would be late (a full five days) he had no choice but to surrender.

dentist columbia scNovember 11th is Veteran’s Day. It’s important that we remember the service these special men and women have given our country. Please take the time to thank a Veteran and remember the sacrifices they have made…not just on Veteran’s Day…but on every day.


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