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Ahhhh…the holidays…it’s that time of year when cameras always seem to be clicking away. We tend to take more photos between October and January than we do at any other time of the year. So how will your holiday photos turn out this year?

First let’s talk about how to take good holiday photos when you’re behind the camera. Dentist Columbia Dr. Gregory Wych is sharing his top 3 tips for taking the best photos of your family and friends.

Fill the frame. Many self-proclaimed photographers make the mistake of not filling the frame when they take a photo in a crowded setting. It’s important that you take a quick mental inventory of what’s around, in front of and behind the person or object you are capturing. According to your dentist Columbia, by doing so, you just might notice other people or items that are out of place and don’t belong in the photo. Zoom in to crop out all distractions.

Lights…camera…action! Indoor photography often brings with it a set of unique set of challenges, especially when it comes to the lighting. You might want to turn on some extra lights in the house – or use strategically-placed holiday lights – to illuminate your subject correctly. Remember, it’s always better to choose ambient lighting over your flash to take the perfect photo.

Think outside the box. Use your creativity to catch some really unique photos, not just perfectly staged ones. If people are sharing a hearty laugh, your dentist Columbia recommends zooming in on their faces to really bring the moment to life.   Maybe wander into the kitchen and capture a few shots of Mom’s expert hands mixing up the pie dough as she’s done so many times before.


And talking about candid photos…will your smile be ready?

dentist ColumbiaYou never know when someone has the camera lens pointed in your direction. When it’s your time to be photographed, you’ll want to flash white teeth when you strike a pose or when you’re caught candidly. If you have yellow teeth, you’re probably not going to smile, so you may look sad or angry in a photograph that should remind you of a happy time.

Your dentist Columbia advises that whitening your teeth before holiday events will let you look back on your family event and fondly remember the joy of sharing the holidays with those important to you.

Keep in mind that photographs are no longer limited to being printed and stored in an album for occasional viewing. Most people also now post photographs on Facebook or sent them via text or email, so everyone at the gathering can see them instantly.


And if the photographer zooms in to capture your hearty laugh, how will your teeth look?

When the camera captures your smile – and rest assured, it will – make sure your smile looks bright and beautiful by calling the office of dentist Columbia Dr. Gregory Wych today to schedule one of our great teeth-whitening options. Then…smile for the camera!


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