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The American Dental Hygienists’ Association and your dentist Columbia SC are celebrating National Dental Hygiene Month, this October, with the theme “Brush. Floss. Rinse. Chew.”

This year’s subject, “Keep them healthy. Keep them clean” emphasizes simple ways for people to include an easy oral health routine into an active and busy lifestyle in order to maintain ideal oral health.  Following are the guidelines of this year’s campaign.

Brush your teeth 2 minutes, 2 times a day.

Brushing your teeth for two minutes is the single most efficient method for fighting plaque and preventing cavities, gingivitis and other diseases caused by plaque. Brushing for two minutes – twice a day – is vital to maintaining your bright and healthy smile.

Floss your teeth every day.

Flossing your teeth each day helps to remove plaque and food particles that can’t be reached by your toothbrush, particularly those beneath the gum line and between the teeth. Plaque typically builds up in these areas and leads to tooth decay and gum disease.

Getting into the routine of daily flossing can be challenging for some. If you tend to ignore flossing, talk to your dentist Columbia SC to determine the reason why and ways to get it into your daily routine.

Rinse with mouthwash each day.

Rinsing your mouth with anti-microbial mouth rinse every day is another important way to prevent gum disease, because brushing and flossing alone can’t get rid of all the plaque and germs in your mouth.

Finish your daily oral care routine with an antiseptic mouthwash with the ADA Seal of Acceptance. Speak with your dentist Columbia SC for more information on which mouth rinse is right for you.

Chew sugar-free gum after eating.

This is also proven to be an important part of effective oral health by fueling the most saliva, which helps fight cavities, neutralize plaque acids and wash away food particles that may be stuck between your teeth. Research indicates that chewing sugar-free gum after eating and drinking has a positive impact on oral health.

So if you’re following this recommended daily regime, congratulations!  If you’re not, call your Columbia SC Family Dentist today to schedule an appointment and let’s get you back on the right track!



Maintaining your dental health helps boost your immune system by reducing virus-spreading bacteria in your mouth. Teeth cleanings also help prevent gum disease, which can lower your ability to fight other infections & increase your risk for respiratory disease.

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