Easter is celebrated all around the globe. Like a lot of Holiday Traditions we can participate in many different ways. There are: Easter Cards, Easter Flowers, Easter Games, Easter Crafts, Easter Eggs, Easter Bunnies, Easter Parades, Easter Sunday Religious Celebrations, Easter Recipes…and on and on!Columbia Dentist Easter

But let’s talk about the history of the Easter Bunny. The word Easter is derived from the name of an ancient goddess named Eastre. Each year the pagans celebrated Eastre at the spring equinox. Eastre’s earthly symbol was the rabbit which symbolized fertility.

The pagan Eastre celebration truly began to change when Christian missionaries attempted to convert them from paganism to Christianity. It was not uncommon for missionaries to utilize holidays that were important to the group they were trying to convert in order to make the transition to Christianity a little easier. The pagans thus held on to their tradition of using rabbits and eggs as an Easter symbol.

According to German writings, the Germans converted the pagan rabbit into Oschter Haws in the 1600’s. This rabbit laid nests full of colored eggs as gifts for children. Thus the Easter bunny was born.

For a large portion of the world, Easter also represents the most important Christian Holiday as it celebrates. Whether or not you celebrate Easter as a Christian Holiday or you simply enjoy the eggs and candy, Easter no doubt has become a cherished holiday on your calendar. Now you can impress your friends and family with little known facts about this holiday.

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Here are some more fun facts!

  • Easter eggs are used in the celebration because they are a symbol of rebirth.
  • The first Easter baskets were made to look like birds’ nests. This is still evident today as can be seen every year with Easter grass.
  • Each year, 90 million chocolate rabbits are produced and sold.
  • Easter egg painting has a term associated with it. It is officially called pysanka.
  • Painted eggs were originally left in fields as an offering to bring about fertility.
  • 78% of people prefer to eat the ears off of their chocolate rabbit first.
  • The most famous decorated eggs are those created by Peter Carl Fabrage. These eggs were originally created for the Czar of Russia in 1883.
  • The most expensive Easter egg costs $100,000 and is encrusted with diamonds.
  • The world’s largest Easter egg is located is located Vegreville, Canada and is 31.6 feet tall.

Go out and celebrate the day! Have fun! And don’t forget to brush your teeth after all that chocolate! Thanks to for providing a wealth of Easter information.

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