Stay Hydrated

It's time for summer time activities! The Irmo Cosmetic Dentist Columbia staff, however, usually hears many dental-related concerns from our patients during this time of year. These concerns, however, don't exactly revolve entirely around the teeth. Instead, our...

World’s Greatest Dads

Everyone has a favorite “TV dad,” one who taught us what we needed to know about life every week in less than an hour. To celebrate these amazing “TV dads” dentists Columbia SC shares a list of the top five favorite dads of all-time. Andy Griffith, The Andy Griffith...

The Benefits of Seeing a Sedation Dentist

Going to the dentist can be a frightening experience that people will often put off until they are in a lot of pain.  People going to the dentist can have a real phobia about it because of their fear, but it is not a good idea to neglect the teeth or they can develop...

PATIENT OFFER: $89 Exam, X-Rays & Consultation

Get a full oral examination, digital x-rays and a consultation. You will get an oral cancer check and your gums checked. You will be made to feel at home in our beautiful lounge with healthy drinks and snacks. Valid for New Patients Only. (Usual value $245.) Offer excludes cleanings.

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