stop smoking dental columbia SCbest ways to quit smokingIt is common knowledge that smoking can be detrimental to your health.  For this reason, Dentist Columbia strongly implore their patients to make every effort to quit smoking. Studies have shown that commonalities exist between smoking and the onset of cancer and heart disease. However, the harmful effects of smoking are not limited to just disease. Research suggests that nicotine, found in cigarettes, can harm your taste buds and affect your overall taste. Foods that were once enjoyable and bursting with flavor, will now be lackluster and become less flavorful. This results in a lack of appetite among smokers that causes them to lose weight at a higher occurrence than nonsmokers.

Foods that you once loved may now seem to be blah and without flavor.

Your gustatory cells, or the small bumps on your tongue, contain thousands of taste buds. Each gustatory cell has nerve cells that send signals directly to the brain resulting in a chemical reaction that yields the distinction of taste. This is how you distinguish salty, sweet and sour tastes. However, your ability to distinguish taste can be negatively impacted by smoking.

Studies suggest that the taste buds of smokers decrease gradually. The decrease of taste buds can result in less appealing taste and an impaired appetite. Dentist Columbia urges their patients to quit smoking to lessen their risk of taste bud damage that can lead to unhealthy weight loss and other diseases. Smoking can take the flavor out of eating and make this experience much less enjoyable and appealing. Studies conclude that nicotine, found in cigarettes, can block nerve activity in the part of the brain associated with taste. It is suggested that the bitter taste of nicotine overpowers all other tastes. Most smokers don’t even realize the affect that smoking has on their appetite until they stop altogether.

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The weight loss that is prevalent in smokers is usually never healthy. Even though smokers are more likely to be at least four pounds lighter than nonsmokers, they are rarely ever in better physical health. Since smoking only decreases your weight at the cost of other bodily functions, smokers are thinner, but still have heart problems. A smoker’s metabolism must run at a constant high gear to process the nicotine that is being inhaled. This increase in the metabolism results in weight loss, but it also requires the heart to work twice as hard.  This can lead to heart disease and other illnesses associated with poor heart health. Due to these harmful health risks, Dentist Columbia urges their patients to quit smoking.


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