So, What is Tooth Bonding?

The term tooth bonding refers to the compound resin filling which is placed in both back and front teeth.

A composite is the solution used to restore teeth that are decayed, which can make cosmetic improvements and has the capacity to even change the color of teeth or the reshape the teeth. Bonding serves to lighten any stains that you might have, close up slight gaps and it can also be utilized as a means of correcting crooked teeth.

How Does Bonding Work?

Essentially, bonding will conceal any natural flaws through the application of a thin outside layer of plastic resin on the surface of the teeth.

Subsequent to this application, the cosmetic dentist will put on a material for bonding and shape, sculpt and color it in order to provide a result that is pleasing. A light with high-intensity is used to harden the plastic and then the surface is polished finely.

For how long does the tooth bonding last?

Even though conventional silver fillings last approximately seven years, the composites used in tooth bonding should last approximately eight to eleven years.

How Does One Accomplish Tooth Bonding?

An extremely gentle etching solution is put on the teeth in order to make small crevices in the enamel structure of the tooth. The small crevices give a vaguely rough surface which permits a long-lasting resin to bond materials to the teeth.

Subsequently, the resin is applied to the teeth and a high-intensity light is used to cure the resins to the surface of the teeth, with every individual coating of resin becoming hard in a matter of minutes.

When the final layer is applied to the teeth, the material which has been bonded is sculpted in order to fit the tooth and then it is polished.

The resin is available in a number of shades so that it can be matched to the natural color of teeth. As a result of the layering that is involved, this process will take a bit longer than the conventional silver fillings in view of the fact that numerous layers of the bonded material are applied to the teeth.’

How Long Does The Procedure Last?

More often than not, bonding will take your Columbia dentist about an hour to two depending on the particular case that is being worked on.

Two types of tooth bonding are available; the type that is used in a particular situation will depend on whether a small or a large area is in need of correction.

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