Hi, life isn’t always about cosmetic dentistry, and today it’s about Veteran’s Day – the day that has a special meaning for all of us. Throughout our history, family members, friends and relatives have sacrificed their lives defending our country, our way of life, so that we can enjoy the freedom that our forefathers had envisioned for this great nation.

Veteran’s Day gives us the opportunity to realize the sacrifice our brave men and women have made in the past and the contribution of our troops who place themselves in harm’s way each and every day to preserve our individual rights and freedom.

From Valley Forge to Gettysburg, from Verdun to Manila, from Vietnam to Bosnia, to the Global War on Terror, brave men and women, from all walks of life have left the comforts of the familiar, leaving family and friends, to defend our way of life and the freedoms many take for granted. All gave some and some gave all.

I’ve learned a lot from those who have served in the military, especially love of country, discipline and most importantly Esprit d’corp. I hope you’ll take a moment on Veteran’s Day to remember our troops…especially our extended Patient Community with family members who have given so much, and continue to serve our Great Country.

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