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St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and thousands of people across the U.S. will be going out to celebrate with lots of delicious green foods and the very popular Saint Patrick’s Day hit – green beer.

On the day of Irish pride, inhibitions are tossed into the wind in favor of a good time. But as much fun as St. Patrick’s Day parties can be, you’ll not only be left with a St. Patrick’s Day hangover, but you’ll also open the door for cavities to get into your teeth.

Tooth decay is a huge problem as it relates to alcohol consumption because of the sugars and acids found in many alcoholic drinks. These sugars form an acid that attacks your enamel, breaking it down, especially when your teeth are continually exposed to sugars and starches in alcohol on a consistent basis.

There are two great ways to combat this problem and keep your teeth looking their best during the upcoming holiday. One great way to make sure your teeth stay white is to get a thorough cleaning shortly before the holiday.

dental clinic columbia scThe other simple and easy way to keep the green off of your teeth this March is to have a teeth-whitening procedure after the holiday. Some patients may experience a higher than normal susceptibility to staining immediately after a teeth whitening session.

It’s better to play it safe than take the risk that you may be walking around with slightly green teeth for 2 weeks after Saint Patrick’s Day!  So take heed:  if you’re going to partake in the St. Patrick’s Day drinking, protect your teeth!

Maintaining your dental health helps boost your immune system by reducing virus-spreading bacteria in your mouth. Teeth cleanings also help prevent gum disease, which can lower your ability to fight other infections & increase your risk for respiratory disease.

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