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The most prominent organ of your body is actually your skin. Thanks to its importance, it’s incredibly essential that you take care of your skin, especially during the summer time when UV levels might negatively impact your exposed skin

Although skin safety is incredibly important, a lot of people commonly overlook one part of the skin during the summer. The lips. Your lips need extra care and attention all year, since they lack natural glands that can help keep them moist.

If you want to maintain luscious lips this summer, why not follow these guidelines? The staff, at the Irmo Cosmetic dental clinic of Columbia SC, wants to help you protect them from the harsh summer elements.

Cosmetic dental clinic of Columbia, SCProtection. Lip balm might be your best bet to promote a great summer skin care routine. Lip balm or lip gloss can help protect the lips from harmful UV rays, in addition to moisturizing them. This prevents them from becoming dehydrated and chapped. It’s best to choose a lip balm with an SPF of around 15, made with moisturizing ingredients that make your lip look and feel luscious.


Cosmetic dental clinic of Columbia, SCExfoliation. Although this is associated with regular skin care routines, the lips also benefit from getting this treatment. Your lips also harbors dead skin cells, much like the other areas of your skin. In the morning, you can exfoliate your lips by using a soft toothbrush to brush your lips for a few seconds. This removes skin build-up and residue, making them feel much smoother. Apply lip balm after exfoliating your lips to further protect them.


Cosmetic dental clinic of Columbia, SCMoisturization. You also need to moisturize your lips at night to help the skin recover and regenerate from the harsh daytime conditions. At night, you can apply a moisturizing cream to let your lips absorb moisture while you’re sleeping. The best products contain a base of beeswax, paran or petroleum jelly. These products seal moisture, staying on your lips much longer than other thin balms and glosses.


Cosmetic dental clinic of Columbia, SCHydration. Dehydration can lead to dry skin—and dry lips. If your lips start peeling because they’re dry, use a mix of both sugar and olive oil to exfoliate your skin and remove the accumulated skin cells from its surface. This helps clean and provide moisture to the skin and lips, preventing dryness from penetrating its surface.


You can also maintain a healthy diet to maintain the skin and your lips—since maintaining healthy skin starts from the inside. Studies have each shown that essential nutrients like vitamin E, vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids produce antioxidants and supplement other nutrients to the skin that protects against skin damage.

Cosmetic dental clinic of Columbia, SC

Don’t ever forget that your skin needs protection, just as much as your lips do. If you follow the tips from our Irmo Cosmetic dental clinic of Columbia, SC, you’ll keep your lips looking luscious enough to frame your amazing smile all summer long!

Maintaining your dental health helps boost your immune system by reducing virus-spreading bacteria in your mouth. Teeth cleanings also help prevent gum disease, which can lower your ability to fight other infections & increase your risk for respiratory disease.

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