Packing a healthy lunchbox for your kids sure doesn’t sound difficult, but did you know that food such as fruits, milk, cereals, bread and vegetables contain sugars and/or starches?   Your Columbia SC dentists  advises that although a healthy and balanced diet is fundamental to maintaining good oral health, foods that contain carbohydrates and sugars often come in contact with the germs and bacteria found in our mouth that cause plaque.

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Plague thrives on the starches and sugars that are found in a good deal of foods, and when that plaque unites with the sugars and starches, an acid is produced that can attack tooth enamel and eventually causes decay.

A healthy school lunch can help support good oral health and instill much better nutritional habits in kids and teenagers. Following are some tips from your dentist Columbia SC that can help show you how to prepare a better lunch that meets your child’s dental and nutritional needs


  • For snacks, include fruits, vegetables or cheese in your child’s lunch.
  • The best fruit choices for fruit are apples, grapes, pears, and any type of melons.
  • Swiss, Cheddar or Monterey Jack are all good cheese choices.
  • Great vegetable choices include raw broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, cucumbers and celery; adding a small bowl of ranch dressing will make the vegetables more appealing.

dentist Columbia SCAs you know, brushing and flossing are good for our oral health. Eating is good too because certain foods deliver fundamental nutrients such as calcium and vitamins C and D for dental health. With kids’ teeth, it’s sometimes what we don’t give them that can make the most difference. So get rid of the sugary foods and starchy snacks that can contribute to their tooth decay.

Unfortunately, although we can’t follow our children around to ensure that they are eating healthy and brushing and flossing their teeth, we can have a peace of mind knowing that we are helping to promote good oral health by providing them with their nutritional needs while they are at school.

If you have any questions about how you can help your children keep their teeth healthy – or to schedule an appointment for you or your child – call your dentist Columbia SC Dr. Gregory Wych, today!



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