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As the warm weather begins to graciously invite children outside to play, their safety is the first thing on their parent’s mind.

With organized sports or even casual pick-up games with friends, safety is extremely important on various levels. Sports in general are an excellent way to stay physically active.

Dentists Columbia is taking this opportunity to remind coaches, parents, and athletes to be safe when playing the sports they love.

Dentist Columbia

A child or young adult’s face and mouth can get injured easily if precautions are not taken to prevent injury. The National Youth Sports Safety Foundation made predictions last year that youth sports will be the cause of over three million teeth being knocked out than any other sport. The organization also reported that athletes who choose not to wear mouth guards are 60 times more prone to teeth damage. With the cost of replacing a tooth reaching $1,500 or more, mouth guards prove to be an inexpensive and extremely important piece of equipment to protective their child’s teeth.

Dentist Columbia

Dentist Columbia is dedicated to protecting your teeth and encourages the use of mouth guards for children and young adults of all ages when playing any type of sport. Scientific evidence states that mouth guards enhance an athlete’s performance by keeping the jaw aligned properly with the spine and neck which in turn gives the athlete better range of motion.

Mouth guards should be used by both adults and children who play any type of contact sport such as soccer, football, boxing, ice hockey, lacrosse, basketball, and field hockey. Other sports that are considered non-contact sports and recreational activities such as gymnastics, mountain biking, and skateboarding are also considered “at-risk” sports for mouth injuries and those participating in these types of sports would benefit greatly from wearing a mouth guard.

Dentist Columbia

Dentist Columbia Other benefits of wearing mouth guards include improvements in athletic performance. So how do they increase athletic performance? Wearing professional quality mouth guards increase the athlete’s strength by improving airflow and decreasing stress on the teeth through clenching. When prepared by a dentist Columbia, custom mouth guards are able to increase endurance by making airway openings larger. This in turn results in 25 percent less build-up of lactic acid after engaging in 30 minutes of intense Dentist Columbia exercise. A third benefit if wearing a mouth guard that is professionally designed is an athlete’s response time increases. There is an increase in response time to auditory cues and visual cues. A fourth benefit includes reduced stress felt by athletes. When there is an excess amount of cortisol in an athlete’s system, it causes stress, distraction, and fatigue. A mouth guard that fits properly decreases the production of cortisol allowing an athlete to play and feel better.

What are you waiting for? Don’t allow a knocked out tooth to ruin your summer; call a dentist Columbia  to schedule an appointment to have your new protective mouth guard designed and fitted.

Maintaining your dental health helps boost your immune system by reducing virus-spreading bacteria in your mouth. Teeth cleanings also help prevent gum disease, which can lower your ability to fight other infections & increase your risk for respiratory disease.

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