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Chances are that if you have an old filling that it was filled with a “silver” amalgam filling. But did you know that your “silver” filling is actually 45-55% metallic mercury? And, as we know, mercury is toxic.

That’s why Dr. Wych recommends removing old mercury/silver (amalgam) fillings. Mercury fillings are also removed for aesthetic reasons to replace them with white composite fillings. However, many dentists do it without regard for the possible additional mercury exposure to the patient

Safe Mercury Removal

In order to prevent this additional mercury exposure, the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Technology) recommends that patients should find a dentist properly trained in mercury filling removal.

Dr. Wych is one of the very few members of the IAOMT in the Midlands, and one of only four in the state. He follows the guidelines laid down by the IAOMT when removing and replacing mercury fillings. These guidelines ensure that the materials and procedures used in dentistry should not adversely affect the rest of the body.

Replacing Mercury Fillings

Replacing Mercury Fillings

The IAOMT and its members are very concerned about excess exposure to mercury when old amalgam fillings are removed. The process of drilling out amalgam fillings liberates quantities of mercury vapor and fine particulates that can be inhaled and absorbed through the lungs. The IAOMT has developed some simple methods for reducing this exposure, of which all members of the IAOMT are aware. Accredited members, such as Dr. Wych, are all certified as being proficient in safe amalgam removal techniques.

Mercury Free Dentistry

The IAOMT has developed a protocol to minimize the exposure that patients receive when the mercury/silver (amalgam) fillings are removed. Dr. Wych uses a rubber dam, special high speed evacuation and safety glasses to protect patients during mercury filling removal. Dr. Wych has the experience and training to do mercury and amalgam removal quickly with minimal amount of discomfort and exposure. If you have old mercury fillings in your mouth, call Dr. Wych and discuss your options for having them removed.

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