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dentist ColumbiaI’ve always felt that since our military members serve us proudly abroad, when they return home, it’s time for us to serve them. Don’t you agree? So how can you give back? Your dentist Columbia Dr. Gregory Wych has some suggestions for you!

We know it can sometimes be difficult for non-military families to figure out a way to properly reach out to our country’s troops overseas and honor those veterans who have returned home.

Veterans Day is a great time to school your children about the history of the holiday and the sacrifice and dedication of our U.S. troops. So, how can you creatively and constructively celebrate this holiday with your family? Following are some recommendations from your dentist Columbia.

  • Take part in the “Adopt a Veteran” program put on by Soldiers’ Angels. You just need to commit to sending one letter per week and one care package each month to a soldier currently deployed overseas.
  • dentist ColumbiaSay thank you. Those two words are so simple, but have such a deep meaning. If you see someone wearing his/her uniform, go out of your way to let them know how much you appreciate their sacrifice.
  • If you’re not comfortable walking up to someone you don’t know to say thank you, do it anonymously. For instance, if you see a uniformed soldier in the airport eating a meal, approach the waitress and offer to pay the tab.
  • Support businesses that support our veterans. This Veterans Day, many restaurants will be offering free meals for veterans. Patronize those businesses and thank the manager for supporting our vets.
  • Visit veterans in the hospital.
  • dentist ColumbiaBe a good friend to the families of deployed military troops. If you know a family who has a member serving overseas, invite them over for dinner or shovel their sidewalks or mow their grass.
  • Become a volunteer at your local VA Center.
  • Support veterans who are currently transitioning to civilian life. Going from the military world back to the “real life” can’t be an easy transition. So assist veterans who are trying to ease back into day-to-day civilian life in any way you can.
  • Support the VFW Foundation. A favorite of your dentist Columbia is the VFW Operation Uplink program, which provides free phone time to deployed military personnel so they can call home and speak with their families.

Teaching children about the significance of this holiday will help give them a deep appreciation of our nation’s service members, past and present.

It’s your turn: How will you join your dentist Columbia Dr. Gregory Wych in honoring veterans on Veterans’ Day and throughout the year?


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