Cerec 3D  Dentistry Before After ExampleA lot of people don’t quite understand how Cerec 3D works and wanted a brief explanation of the dental procedure. CEREC 3D reduces the time and wait usually associated with taking molds of a dental patients teeth.

With Cerec 3D you can get dental procedures like dental crowns, dental veneers, inlays, and on-lays done in one setting rather than through several appointments and the procedure is easy.

A procedure involving Cerec 3D involves applying a thin layer of powder on the teeth that is used to reflect light so that a three dimensional picture of the dimensions of your teeth can be accurately taken using a special camera.

The Cerec 3D dental procedure is a chair-side procedure that creates a visual image of what the teeth will look like once they are restored. You will be able to watch special software being used to determine a restoration design for your teeth and create an exact replica of them.  After the image scanning takes places a block of ceramic is molded into the shape of your teeth in about 10 minutes time.  Once the tooth is carved out it is used as a n adhesive to bond it to your own tooth.

CEREC 3D can be used to make partial or full crowns, veneers and inlays or onlays on single teeth.

Because the process done quickly the patient can have restorative work done in only one visit. The dentist doesn’t have to send the work out to be done at a lab. And the results are immediate.

That’s about it Cerec 3D cosmetic dentistry is quick and easy!

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