Columbia Dentist Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!  It’s time for feasts, football, naps and shopping.  In the spirit of the holiday, we’d like to share our favorite 3 things that you might not know about this time-honored tradition.

1.  The First TV Dinner Was Thanksgiving Leftovers

In 1953, someone at Swanson severely overestimated the amount of turkey Americans would consume that Thanksgiving. With 260 tons of frozen birds to get rid of, a company salesman named Gerry Thomas ordered 5,000 aluminum trays, recruited an assembly line of women armed with spatulas and ice-cream scoops and began creating mini-feasts of turkey, cornbread dressing, peas and sweet potatoes — creating the first-ever TV dinner. Thomas later said he got the idea from neatly-packaged airplane food.

2.  Tired From Turkey?

Despite popular belief, the tryptophan in turkey is probably not responsible for post-meal drowsiness. Thanksgiving sleepiness is more likely caused by drinking excess alcohol and eating a large, high-carbohydrate meal that the body must work hard to digest. While eating turkey on a completely empty stomach without any other food might make you a tad tired, when served as part of a hefty feast, the tryptophan’s effect is negligible.

3.  There’s Debate Over Which President First Pardoned a Turkey

The annual White House tradition of pardoning a turkey before Thanksgiving began in 1947, when President Harry Truman took pity on one lucky fowl. Other historians say the practice began during the 1860s, when Abraham Lincoln granted a pardon to a pet turkey belonging to his son, Tad. The tradition may alleviate some of America’s guilt, but it doesn’t stop us from enjoying more than 46 million turkeys for the holiday.

Speaking of holiday meals, we know that they can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for those in charge of the feast.  So we’d like to share some tips to make your holiday meals hassle-free.

  1. Clean your home before the holiday. Don’t wait until the day of the holiday to clean up; do it a couple of days beforehand.
  2. Create the menu in advance. This includes what you will cook, bake, and roast for the special day.
  3. Delegate duties. Involve the kids to peel potatoes or slice up fruit and vegetables.
  4. Set the table. Arrange the buffet servers, utensils, sterno jars, and the dinnerware a day or two ahead of time.
  5. Make a list and check it twice. Make a list of who is coming so there’s enough food for each person without too many leftovers.
  6. Buy containers for leftovers. Never store food in the container it was cooked in. Choose smaller rather than larger containers so there is no space inside the container that is not occupied by food.  Use disposable roasting pans.

But let’s not forget the real reason for this holiday…giving thanks!  Everyone here in Columbia Dentistry at Dr Gregory Wych’s office, we’d like to close by saying that we are thankful to have you as a patient and hope your holidays are filled with family, fun and love.  Remember to be thankful!

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