As we just mentioned, Dr. Bell has been busy completing her pediatric sedation training.

Dr. Hartley traveled out to Scottsdale, Arizona to start some extensive training in comprehensive dentistry. She is handling her pregnancy like a pro! She is actually “due” in late July. Dr. Wych recently attended several conferences that involved practice management.

The Irmo office recently started treating two more “Give Back a Smile” patients for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. This is the program to restore the smiles of women who have been victims of domestic abuse. The Irmo office is also sponsoring two events with the Irmo Chamber of Commerce.

Laura, the hygienist at the Vista will be happily married the next time you see her. She had a private wedding in Jamaica earlier this month. “No problem mon.”

Mandy, one of the assistants in Irmo went off to New York City for 10 days. Not enough “culture” in Irmo!

We have an exciting new treatment in our Hygiene Department. It’s Fluoride Varnish! Fluoride Varnish is a new form of fluoride that we can offer after a preventive prophy (cleaning). We have long advocated fluoride for adults and children, mainly to prevent tooth decay. Fluoride is important for adults especially, to prevent decay on root surfaces, or around crowns and fillings. So many medications that adults take (cholesterol, anti-anxiety, blood pressure, sinus medications to name a few) cause “dry mouth.”

Just getting older causes a decrease in saliva flow! Fluoride is the best way to combat decay. Fluoride varnish is painted on the teeth by your hygienist at the end of the appointment. Because of the way it “sticks” to the tooth it stays on the tooth longer and can be more effective than a fluoride rinse.

It feels like your teeth have little wool socks on them! But, the best part is that you can eat (soft food) and drink cold fluids right after the application.

If you are “old school” (like me) we will continue to offer the one minute fluoride rinse. But, give the varnish a try. It may be more effective against tooth decay, and you can have that nice soft cookie on the way out of the office!

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