As a long-standing dentist working in and around Columbia South Carolina, I’ve encountered many patients who need a quick solution to minor teeth misalignment. For years I’ve been offering FastBraces as a solution and have decided to put together some information about them for you that will help you get a better understanding of how it works. Read on to find out more about FastBraces and how they can help you.

Who Invented FastBraces?

Approximately 20 years ago, an orthodontist, Dr. Anthony Viazis, developed Fastbraces which is the safe, fast and original braces system.

How Does FastBraces Work?

Fastbraces works by moving the root of the teeth from the start of the treatment in order to ultimately get the tooth in a straight position. As soon as the root becomes upright, the tooth will be straight. This is carried out by the use of a square wire since the beginning of the treatment that forces the root into position.

How Long Does It Take For FastBraces To Work?

More often than not, the Fastbraces treatment takes between three months to approximately a year.

So The Real Question Is “Are Fastbraces Safe?”

They are absolutely safe. In fact, they are the safe, fast and original patented braces system which was developed in recognition of the fact that patients want braces treatments that can be done quickly without any of the risks that are with conventional braces.

Safety was at the forefront of his mind when Dr. Viazis developed this system, which has the capacity to straighten teeth in a much improved way than conventional braces, consequently providing an affordable, safe and fast solution

What About FastBraces Imitations

Fastbraces should not be confused with low-priced imitations that do not deliver on anything that they promise. There is only one patented FastBraces system.

Is There a Guarantee?

With Fastbraces you are provided with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you should require braces again for any of the teeth that were originally crooked, you will be given the braces at absolutely no charge. All you will be required to do is simply pay the cost of two sets of new clear retainers that you will need for future use.

Which Teeth Are Straightened With FastBraces?

Fastbraces will address the needs of every one of the crooked teeth and not just the ones at the front of the mouth.

Adults And Children?

Fastbraces is great for both adults and kids. It provides full treatment similar to the conventional braces; they merely move the teeth in a different way in order to expedite the process and repair the teeh in a shorter amount of time.

The Best Feature Of FastBraces

One of the great features of Fastbraces is that individuals have the option of getting clear brackets which will disguise the fact that braces are on the teeth. However, it is important to note that the option will increase the cost and lengthen the time for treatment. If this is something that you might have an interest in getting for yourself, you can ask your Columbia dentist Dr. Gregory Wych about the clear brackets option during consultation.

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