When patients suffer tooth loss, dentist Columbia Dr. Gregory Wych will discuss different treatment choices to replace their missing teeth. There are basically two groups that all replacement options fall into: removable and fixed. Today we will discuss removable prostheses.

Removable prostheses – such as complete and partial dentures – have only one main advantage and that is cost. Because the initial cost of removable appliances are relatively less compared to fixed choices, many patients opt for prostheses when deciding on how to replace their missing teeth.

Unfortunately, there are many disadvantages of using a removable prosthesis to replace natural teeth; following are a few.

  • Biting forces are decreased: Denture wearers who have worn their dentures for 15+ years will have a reduced bite force of only 5-10 percent compared to a normal set of teeth.
  • Chewing efficiency is decreased: Patients who wear dentures have 97 percent less chewing efficiency as compared to patients with a full set of natural teeth.
  • Digestive disorders may develop: These conditions typically require the use of medications to treat them.
  • Life span may be decreased: Food selection is limited for denture wearers, thereby decreasing healthy food intake, leading to poor nutrition.
  • Partial dentures can apply excessive and damaging forces to the remaining natural teeth, resulting in further tooth loss.
  • Negative psychological effects related to complete and partial dentures may occur.
  • Partial dentures can increase the physiological loss of bone, which causes your dentures to become more unstable over time.

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Given the many negative effects of using partial or complete removable dentures to replace missing natural teeth, it is difficult to imagine that they are a favorable replacement for teeth. Thankfully, with the introduction of dental implants, these effects are greatly minimized.

Replacement of missing teeth can be a lot more predictable and comfortable with dental implants. If you are interested in learning more about dental implants Columbia residents rely on the expert care provided by dentist Columbia Dr. Gregory Wych.

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