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Sure, we all look forward to the big meal and football games, followed by much-needed naps and spending quality time with family. But the real spirit of Thanksgiving is all about expressing gratitude for your good fortune and giving to those who are less fortunate than you. Dentist Columbia Dr. Gregory Wych shares some tips for celebrating Thanksgiving in the true spirit of the season.

Following are some great ideas to teach the children in your life about the importance of spreading goodwill – not just at Thanksgiving, but all year!

dentist ColumbiaExpress your gratitude in decorations and traditions. Decorate your home with words of thanks. During the meal, ask everyone at the table to name a few things they are thankful for this year.

Donate to a local charity. Collect gently used toys, clothes, home furnishings, or other items and deliver them to a charitable organization.

Send a care package to soldiers who are stationed overseas. A holiday care package can provide a great boost for soldiers who are far from home during the holidays. Involve your children in preparing the shopping list.

dentist ColumbiaVisit patients in a hospital. The hospital can be a lonely place for patients, especially during the holidays. Spend some of your time this holiday season with those who aren’t able to be at home with family.

Provide Thanksgiving dinner for a family in need. Offer a complete Thanksgiving dinner through your church or an outreach organization located in your community.

Donate money or volunteer at a women’s shelter or an orphanage. Take some time out of your busy holiday schedule and help serve food at a homeless shelter. You will definitely brighten many spirits, including your own.

dentist ColumbiaVolunteer at an animal shelter. It’s important to keep family and friends in mind during the holidays, but don’t forget the animals! Hundreds of homeless animals need your time, love, and hugs.

Invite extra guests to join your family for dinner. If you know someone who will be alone for the holidays, make them feel loved by inviting them to your family’s holiday dinner this year. The more, the merrier!

At this time of year, we are especially thankful for you – our loyal customers – and all of us here in the office of dentist Columbia Dr. Gregory Wych wish you a safe and fun holiday spent with family and friends.

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