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True to our culture, we have a tendency to place a lot of hopes on the holiday season. As kids we anxiously anticipated the joy of the season because of the cool presents we would get, all the great food we would eat, and time off from school.

These memories are engraved into our minds and are rejuvenated every year with the sights and sounds of the holiday season. To most people it’s a special time of year, spent celebrating and reconnecting with the special people in our lives.

But there are also many people who spend the holidays alone…they could be your coworkers or your neighbors…you just never know who they are.


So while the holidays are fun for a lot of people – for others they’re not.

That’s why educating our children about the spirit of giving is the most meaningful gesture you can make this holiday season. Following are some ideas compliments of dentist Columbia Dr. Gregory Wych.

dentist ColumbiaShare some holiday sweets.  Christmas treats always make the holiday seem brighter.  Bake some cookies and share them with a neighbor, your mail carrier, or anyone else who could use some Christmas cheer.





dentist ColumbiaSurprise someone!   Let your children secretly surprise someone by leaving a gift at their doorstep.   Or, take the gifts with you and hand them out to the people you encounter during the day such as the cashier in the coffee shop.





dentist ColumbiaShare a hot beverage on a cold day.  Buy some disposable coffee cups with lids and a cup carrier and fill it up with a hot beverage such as hot chocolate.  Deliver it to people who are working outside or to anyone else who needs to feel the warmth of the season.




dentist ColumbiaHelp those who are helpless.  Your children will learn the most about true giving when they give to those who can’t give back.  Prepare goodie bags for the elderly, the homeless, or for families staying with their children at local hospitals or shelters.




dentist ColumbiaPay it forward.  Go to a fast food drive-through and after you pay for your order, tell the cashier you’d like to pay for the order of the car behind you.  Then pull forward a little and watch the reaction of the people you’ve surprised.

Teach the children in your life that presents are fun to give and receive, but the true nature of giving is really from the heart.

Merry Christmas to you and yours from everyone at the office of dentist Columbia Dr. Gregory Wych!

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