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Are you having a problem with your tongue such as pain, sores, swelling, changes in taste, unusual colors, and changes in texture?

Many of these issues are not serious and are typically caused by minor infections or injuries to the mouth. However, according to dentist Columbia Dr. Gregory Wych, your symptoms could be an indication of a hidden condition requiring medical treatment.

You can prevent many tongue problems by staying on top of your oral hygiene. If you are already experiencing tongue problems, some simple home care remedies can relieve your pain.


Tongue Problems Types

Your dentist Columbia offers some possible symptoms that you may experience that affect your tongue:

  • Partial or complete loss of taste or changes in your ability to taste various flavors such as sour, salty, bitter, or sweet;
  • Difficulty moving your tongue around your mouth;
  • The tongue may suddenly swell up;
  • The normal color of your tongue may change to either white, bright pink, black or brown;
  • A painful or burning sensation either over the entire tongue or only in certain areas;
  • White or red painful sores;
  • A furry or hairy texture on the tongue.


Tongue Problem Causes

dentist ColumbiaA painful tongue is normally a result of an injury or infection. If you accidentally bite your tongue, you may develop a painful sore that can last for a number of days.

A canker sore is a small white colored sore that is caused by a virus and arises for no apparent reason.

According to your dentist Columbia, neuralgia is a severe pain that appears along a damaged nerve.

Women who are postmenopausal and/or who smoke may notice a burning sensation on the tongue

An allergic reaction typically causes the tongue to swell up very quickly.

A bright pink color on the tongue typically indicates a vitamin deficiency or an allergic reaction to gluten.

A white tongue is usually a result of smoking or consuming alcohol.

A tongue that appears hairy is typically a result of taking antibiotics.

Some tongue conditions can be prevented or eased by practicing good oral hygiene. Brush and floss regularly, and see your dentist Columbia for routine checkups and cleanings.

If you are experiencing any of these problems with your tongue, don’t wait! Call the office of dentist Columbia Dr. Gregory Wych today to schedule a consultation.

Maintaining your dental health helps boost your immune system by reducing virus-spreading bacteria in your mouth. Teeth cleanings also help prevent gum disease, which can lower your ability to fight other infections & increase your risk for respiratory disease.

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