Dental Crown Decatur Il

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Dental Crown Decatur Il

A dental crown restores broken, chipped, or missing teeth. The crown covers the tooth making it stable and functional. Crown molding repair can improve an individual’s smile and provide a base for attaching dental implants.

Crowns are beneficial during a root canal procedure. Once the dentist removes the affected inner tooth, a dental crown fills the space left. In addition, dental crowns reshape or replace stained teeth.

What are dental crowns made of?

Porcelain or ceramic are used to make dental crowns. All dental crowns are custom painted to match the color of natural teeth. Porcelain and ceramic are stain-resistant and very durable. They last for 30 years or more if properly maintained.

Crown lengthening in Decatur IL features durable metal. Common metal alloys used in making dental crowns include palladium, gold, chromium, and nickel. Metallic crowns withstand constant biting and chewing pressure better. In addition, they seldom chip or crack. The only drawback of metallic dental crowns is they only come in one color.

Resin can also make dental crowns. Resin dental crowns are cheap and easy to install. Their main drawback is they wear off fast. Some dental crowns are a fusion of porcelain and metal. Fusing metal with porcelain allows the dental crown to match the color of adjacent teeth. With time, the porcelain wears off, exposing the metal beneath.

What does a dental crown procedure involve?

Crown molding in Decatur IL involves several steps. A dentist will first analyze the patient’s dental structure. They will interview the patient on their expectations and the cosmetic goals they hope to achieve. The next step is preparing the tooth to fit the dental crown.

The dentist removes bits of the tooth to create enough room for fitting and bonding the crown with surrounding teeth.  Next, the dentist creates dental impressions using the patient's dental structure. It will serve as the blueprint for printing the dental crown. The printed dental crown will have a size and shape that matches the patient's surrounding teeth.

What is a same-day dental crown?  

Crown molding and trim contractors in Decatur use state of the art technology to mold and fit dental crowns in one session.  It beats conventional dental crowning procedures that require multiple visits to the dentist. Same-day dental crowns are also cheaper.

How do I take care of my fitted dental crown?

Treat dental crowns like regular teeth. You can brush and flush it to keep it clean. In addition, use mouthwash to kill germs and increase the longevity of your dental crown. Consider having the crown cleaned by a professional dentist at least twice a year.

To prevent the dental crown from chipping:

  • Do not grind your teeth

  • Do not chew hard objects with porcelain dental crowns

Are dental crowns painful?

Crown and bridgework services are less painful compared to other dental procedures. A dentist administers anesthesia to reduce discomfort during the procedure. Soreness is expected after a dental crown fitting procedure. However, the soreness usually wears off in a day or two.  

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