I have to admit, we’re not the only dentist offering FastBraces to our patients with misaligned teeth – certainly not – but I’m definitely one of the first Columbia dentists to offer FastBraces and why? Because FastBraces Works – fast!

So I’ve put together a little FAQ for you about FastBraces below. Feel free to share it with any of your friends or family members in case they’re considering braces or know of someone who is.

Is Fastbraces® safe?

Absolutely Fastbraces® is safe! It was with safety in mind that Dr. Viazis developed a system that could straighten teeth differently than the conventional braces. This allows for a fast, safe and affordable solution. Fastbraces® is the original patented braces system developed by Dallas orthodontist, Dr. Anthony Viazis. He recognized his patients’ desire for a braces treatment that could be done faster and without the risks of older conventional braces.

Don’t confuse Fastbraces® with cheap imitations we deliver what we promise!

Does Fastbraces® offer any guarantee?

FastBraces ExampleFastbraces® gives you a lifetime satisfaction commitment! If, for any reason, you need braces again for your original crooked teeth, your doctor will provide you with the braces at no cost. Your only charge will be for two new sets of clear retainers and records.

How long will treatment take?

Typically, treatment will take between three (3) months and a year. The duration of the treatment will depend on the amount and type of correction that needs to happen. Please consult your doctor for a more specific time frame.

Are there clear braces available?

Yes, Fastbraces® does offer clear brackets. This option does increase the cost and length of treatment. Many of our adult patients prefer this option for aesthetic reasons. If interested, please ask your doctor about the clear braces option during your consultation.

Do all patients qualify for Fastbraces®?

About 80% of patients will qualify for Fastbraces®. The only conditions that Fastbraces® do not address are teeth stuck in the bone (impacted, surgical jaw cases) ,TMJ or joint pain as well as some extreme under bites or multidisciplinary which may need very specialized treatment. If you have a specific concern, please ask your doctor.

Can Fastbraces® work for adults?

Yes, Fastbraces® are great for both kids and adults. Wonderful results have been seen in patients of all ages.

Are there any additional risks for Fastbraces® as compared to traditional braces?

Absolutely not! Research has shown very positive results in patients. Fastbraces® realigns teeth with a patented braces technology, gently and with very low force.

A special square nickel- titanium wire is activated by the heat of the mouth. It turns the whole tooth in the natural mouth’s temperature. This happens in one stage in about a year and in some cases in just a few months. Please consult your doctor if there are any additional questions.

How is Fastbraces® different from other quick systems or traditional braces?

Fastbraces® is the original, fast and safe braces system developed by Dallas orthodontist Dr. Anthony Viazis about 20 years ago. From the beginning of the treatment, Fastbraces® moves the root of the teeth into the final upright and straight position. Once the root is upright, the tooth is straight. This is done by using a square wire from the beginning of treatment that rotates the root into position.

Most other orthodontic braces start with a round wire which cannot turn the root but rather simply begins the alignment with the crowns of the teeth. This is done until the doctor can move up in wire size to a square or rectangular wire that can twist the root. Fastbraces® can do that from the beginning.

FastBracesOther braces are usually square in shape and typically move the crowns during the first year and the roots during the second year. This requires about two years of braces treatment. The patented triangular design of the braces used at Fastbraces® gently allows for movement of the crown and root of the teeth at the same time. This usually necessitate one year of treatment instead of two.

Does aligning teeth fast damage them?

Years and years ago with conventional braces, the movement of teeth was very limited. If a doctor tried to tighten the braces more to make the teeth move faster; it would have been very painful. There was a possibility it would even damage the teeth by causing the roots to get shorter (a phenomenon called root resorption).

It’s like saying… if you ride a horse too fast, you’ll kill the horse from exhaustion. That’s true; but if it’s a car and not a horse, then you can go faster without any trouble. Fastbraces® is a new, patented technology created to move the teeth differently and more quickly.

Different by Design

About 20 years ago Dallas, TX orthodontist, Dr. Anthony Viazis first developed Fastbraces® . He saw the need for a more affordable and faster method of straitening and correcting teeth. With that in mind he created a new science within dentistry.

With safety in mind, the Fastbraces® system was developed to straighten teeth differently – allowing for a fast, safe and affordable solution.

The Fastbraces® patented design uses a unique, triangular shaped brace that typically allows for just one orthodontic wire during the treatment. Using one wire allows for easier cleaning, repair, and adjustment for both the doctor and the patient.

Fastbraces® works on a different mechanical principle. Historically, braces would move the crown of the tooth in the first year, and the root of the tooth in the second year, requiring two years of treatment. A special square nickel- titanium wire is activated by the heat of the mouth. It turns the whole tooth in the natural mouth temperature. This happens in one stage in about a year and in some cases in just a few months.

From the beginning of treatment, Fastbraces® are specifically designed to move the crown and root of the teeth at the same time. Patients can now get better results, often with less sensitivity, in about a year, and in some cases in only a few months. Learn more about the science behind Fastbraces®

1. Clean teeth & gums

Fastbraces® patients should begin by using a regular tooth brush with tooth paste for their initial cleaning. A bristle-brush works well for cleaning food that gets stuck under the wire and around the brackets. A bristle-brush can be found at the other end of a regular tooth brush. This brush looks like a small bottle brush and is very effective for getting into the small spaces between teeth, gums, and brackets.

2. Floss behind the wires

We call this cleaning method “needle-and-thread”. The patient should push the floss in between the teeth to remove any food that may be stuck between the teeth and gums. The patient should also pull the floss under the wire and through with the other hand to gently remove it. This should be done through all the brackets in the patient’s mouth.

3. Massage the gums

The rubber end works well for massaging the gums. Keeping the gums clean will help keep the teeth bacteria-free. Massaging the gums can also help relieve some discomfort that may be caused by the brackets. Clean gums will help make the treatment go more smoothly.

4. Wax away irritation

The use of wax will help the patient ease any pain or irritation they may feel from the braces. The patient can cut off a small piece of wax and apply it to the part of the bracket that is causing the pain or irritation. The wax puts a barrier between the bracket and the gums or any other parts of the patient’s mouth. Wax is very effective in eliminating the “rough” feeling that can be associated with braces, especially at the beginning of treatment.

5. Don’t forget the mouthwash

The patient should remember to use mouthwash twice a day. The movement of mouthwash in the patient’s mouth is helpful when trying to get the last small pieces of food that may be stuck. Mouthwash also ensures an antibacterial solution is getting into all the cracks and crevices in the patient’s mouth.

6. Check your work

The patient should use the mirror to see if they have cleaned the teeth, gums, and brackets well. Place a small mirror inside the mouth and move it around to see all sides of the teeth, gums, and brackets. This ensures the patient has done a thorough cleaning. If there is any food still stuck; then be sure to remove it by repeating the process.

Maintaining your dental health helps boost your immune system by reducing virus-spreading bacteria in your mouth. Teeth cleanings also help prevent gum disease, which can lower your ability to fight other infections & increase your risk for respiratory disease.

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