Columbia Denist Dr.wychGoing to the dentist is one of the most dreaded experiences facing a person in life. Fortunately dental procedures are more painless than ever. Still we have a lot of apprehension in the days leading up to an appointment and often drag our feet on making a new one. Children are no different than we adults are, in fact for them there is the potential to have even more anxiety  than we as adults think about. Popular culture in children’s shows still show a trip to the dentist as a painful and often nearly medieval experience. One thing we can do to help our children understand the importance of regular dental visits is to find a dentist that understands and specializes in child dentistry.

In years past the same dentist would perform the same exact procedures with the same “chair side manner” they used with adults when working on children. The result was that a few generations of children grew up a bit traumatized. That’s not to say anyone would cease to function in society at the first mentioning of a cleaning, but people definitely grew up thinking of a dentist office as a cold, sterile place devoid of any sort of real color or happiness. Think of Joe Vs. the Volcano with a drill in the background. In short it might not have been painful, but it certainly was not a pleasant experience for a kid.

Dentists realized that children need a bit more care and a different bed side manner, if you will. A good dentist that specializes in child dentistry will do more than just clean and fill your child’s teeth; education factors in as well. They will often have models and methods for educating your child on oral health and hygiene. Starting this at an early age increases your child’s chances of maintaining oral health throughout their lives.

There are severacolumbia family dentistryl dentists in Columbia that offer specialized treatment for children, but as a parent you have certain responsibilities as well. Scheduling and keeping regular appointments and reinforcing oral hygiene rules at home are the keystone to helping your child have a pain free experience now and as an adult. If you ever feel you have reached a brick wall with your child often a child dentist might have some suggestions to help you help your child improve their oral hygiene and lessen if not stop tooth decay. You would pass a pediatrician up to have you child’s medical checkup don by an ER surgeon, don’t pass up a dentist specializing in child dentistry.

Maintaining your dental health helps boost your immune system by reducing virus-spreading bacteria in your mouth. Teeth cleanings also help prevent gum disease, which can lower your ability to fight other infections & increase your risk for respiratory disease.

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