Should you whiten your teeth at home?

Of course we all strive to get the whitest, most radiant smile possible. And a quick trip down the dental health aisle at the store may have you wondering if you can get that gleaming white look at home. Many toothpastes, whitening kits, mouthwashes, and even floss...

People First Notice Your Smile

When people first walk up to, what is the first thing that they will notice? Your smile of course. This means that should someone have something stuck in their teeth, it can be quite embarrassing. For this reason, there are 5 things that you can do to make sure you...

Does Your Smile Add Years To Your Age?

There are studies that have been conducted on the focus of people’s smiles. The perspectives gathered were not only gathered from test subjects on their own smile but what others thought of their smiles. The study suggests that the smile is what people first notice...

You Can Have a Celebrity Smile

Have you dreamt of a whiter smile?  Most of us know that the first thing that we noticed about another is their smile whether brilliantly white or short of perfection.  There are many benefits to having a whiter smile.  It can truly increase your self confidence and...

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