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Calgary Childrens Dentistry

Calgary Children’s Dentistry: Why Dental Care Is Necessary For Children

Most times parents have lots of question about their children’s teeth, and how they can properly take care of them? At what age should a child start to go for dental checkups? What time should a child start using a toothbrush, and does it really matter if they visit the dentist when the teeth of the child eventually falls out?

We encounter a lot of parents with similar questions like this and we give them the best possible answer when it comes to Calgary children’s dentistry.

A lot of research has been carried out on why it is necessary to start dental care hygiene for children. It is recommended that children should start visiting the dentist at the age of 1. According to research conducted in America, the most common childhood disease is tooth decay. Tooth decay affects first graders and also 17 year old teenagers. Tooth decay can be avoided if parents can focus their attention on taking care of the dental needs of children and investing in Calgary children’s dentistry.

When a child starts visiting the dentist at that tender age, the child becomes accustomed to the dentist and there is every possibility that the child will grow up with the habit. Also, the child will become very comfortable with the dentist. With such visits, the dentist could provide more information to the parents on some habits that can affect the teeth of their child. Such habits include sucking the thumb and sleeping with a bottle. Both can affect the oral health of a child.

Tooth brushing

Parents don’t even consider brushing their little babies’ teeth because they feel they are too small for it. Truth is, this is the right time to start considering brushing their teeth. We recommend that parents should use a clean white towel to wipe the mouth of their little ones even before they start producing teeth. This is a good habit created and has the tendency to last long.

It also helps to get rid of bacteria from the gum because these bacteria could end up causing damage to the gum. Bacteria has the tendency of spreading around the whole mouth thereby causing a lot of damage. Immediately the child starts producing teeth, you should start brushing the teeth. A soft-bristled toothbrush should be used. Toothpaste that contains fluoride should not be used for the child.

Why Baby’s Teeth Matter

Many parents wonder why all this care when their tooth will fall off anyway. If appropriate care is not given to teeth of a child from infancy, it can affect the permanent teeth of the child. Even when the teeth come out, it could already be damaged. If decay occurs in the child’s teeth, it can also prevent some teeth from coming out. This is why we recommend you invest in Calgary children’s dentistry when your child is still very small.

Dental care is very important in a child’s life because it helps to align the teeth and it also helps to avoid overcrowding of teeth in the mouth. It is also important to know that tooth decay is not only a dental issue but has every possibility of spreading to the bloodstream if not cared for properly.


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