This is the time of year for flowers to bloom, trees to gain their gorgeous colorful statures, and flower seedlings to float through the air to find their new homes. With all of nature’s beauty come the allergies and sinus problems. With pollen season in full-swing, it can cause pain in your teeth and painful sinus issues. Dentists Columbia knows how important it is to enjoy your summer and can help get rid of aggravating tooth pain.

It is not a well-known piece of information that sinus issues can be a cause of tooth pain. The sinus cavity is located right above your top molars. Infected or swollen sinus cavities lead to congestion, drainage, and sneezing as well as itchy watering eyes, headaches, pressure in your face, itching, bad breath, and achy teeth.

How can Allergies Give me Tooth Pain?

A condition called allergic rhinitis is extremely common and affects 20% of people. This condition causes inflamed mucus membranes in the eyes, middle ear, nose, sinuses, and throat causing painful symptoms such as pain in the lower and upper back teeth. If this pain becomes chronic, it may be the perfect time to have your wisdom teeth removed. Dental surgeons and dentists Columbia will be able to determine whether those teeth will be able function the way they should be or if they will cause problems later on in life. If problems are predicted to occur, getting your wisdom teeth removed is the best decision before more serious problems and damage occur.

There are several clues that you should be aware of that may be causes for teeth pain from sinus issues and allergies. If you experience pain when going down a flight of stairs, when changing positions such as moving your head back or forward, or standing on your toes and dropping your heels forcefully chances are you have serious allergies and sinus problems. Your sinuses and your teeth are essentially neighbors who have apartments next to one another with a shared wall. What affects one will likely affect the other.

If you are having pain in your back teeth, it could be due to other issues such as a cavity or problems with the nerves associated with that tooth. Call one of the best dentists Columbia today to schedule an appointment and get your teeth back to normal and free from pain!

Maintaining your dental health helps boost your immune system by reducing virus-spreading bacteria in your mouth. Teeth cleanings also help prevent gum disease, which can lower your ability to fight other infections & increase your risk for respiratory disease.

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