ADA Concerns About Commercial Teeth Whitening ProductsEven though there’s been a constant increase in the popularity of teeth whitening, the American Dental Association has for years,  expressed their concerns about teeth whitening services being offered by mall kiosks that have no health care training and no license to provide dental health care services.

They’ve also had concerns with over-the-counter teeth bleaching products as the improper use of these bleaching products could pose serious oral health risks.

The ADA has always advised patients to consult with their dentists to determine the most appropriate whitening treatment.  Presently, all extracoronal tooth bleaching products remain unclassified by the FDA but recently the proposed tooth bleaching standard became ready for review by the ADA which is good news as some of the problems associated with kiosk teeth bleaching services and over-the-counter bleaching products could be a thing of the past.

What were some of the problems with commercial teeth whitening products?

One important concern was the fact that certain stains on teeth cannot be removed at all through any type of teeth whitening treatments but the user may still continue to use the product or kiosk service in an attempt to remove the stain. This could pose a serious oral health risk to the user and could cause tooth loss, damaged gums and damaged tooth enamel.

Follow the advice of the ADA

Follow their advice and contact Dr. Wych, Irmo Cosmetic Dentistry at 803-781-1600 with any of your questions about safe teeth whitening procedures and be assured that you oral health is in the right hands!

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