Brighten Your Smile With Columbia Dentistry

Yes even though you may not live directory in Irmo South Carolina you can still enjoy the benefits of Columbia dentistry through the trust dental practice known in Irmo as The Art Of Dentistry with Gregory J. Wych and his wonderful and skilled staff of professionals....

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

It’s common to meet people who don’t understand what cosmetic dentistry is. In one of my previous articles I discussed the art of choosing a cosmetic dentist but realized one of the best ways of helping someone understand what the services of a cosmetic...

Say Good-bye To Tooth Decay

Well we have to hand it to the scientists who are always finding out ways to help us live better. Here’s another round of awesome discoveries – Bauke Dijkstra and Lubbert Dijkhuizen, two professors from the Netherlands, have decrypted the structure of the...

Maintaining your dental health helps boost your immune system by reducing virus-spreading bacteria in your mouth. Teeth cleanings also help prevent gum disease, which can lower your ability to fight other infections & increase your risk for respiratory disease.

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