The Patient Review Contest Winner

Wow! I would imagine you’re pretty busy with March Break and everything else that is happening this month. Well, we’ve got a ton of stuff happening so we thought we would take the time to update you on everything that is happening at Irmo Cosmetic Dentistry and Vista...

How Exactly Does Cerec 3D Dentistry Work?

A lot of people don't quite understand how Cerec 3D works and wanted a brief explanation of the dental procedure. CEREC 3D reduces the time and wait usually associated with taking molds of a dental patients teeth. With Cerec 3D you can get dental procedures like...

PATIENT OFFER: $89 Exam, X-Rays & Consultation

Get a full oral examination, digital x-rays and a consultation. You will get an oral cancer check and your gums checked. You will be made to feel at home in our beautiful lounge with healthy drinks and snacks. Valid for New Patients Only. (Usual value $245.) Offer excludes cleanings.

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