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Painless, Laser Gum Treatment

Dental Clinics Columbia SC | Painless Laser Gum Treatment in Irmo, SC

Dr. Wych performs painless gum treatments with the Waterlase dental laser.

Using the Waterlase dental laser, Dr. Wych can treat mild to severe cases of gum disease painlessly and quickly. Dr. Wych uses the Biolase Waterlase iPlus dental laser for many procedures, including painless periodontal cleaning, laser gum contouring and laser gum surgery. The Waterlase iPlus is the most advanced dental laser available, and Dr. Wych is the only dentist in the Columbia region who uses it. To make an appointment, call us at 803-781-1600 or click here to request an appointment online.


Laser treatment for moderate to severe gum disease

Dental Clinics Columbia SC | laser treatment                                   Dental Clinics Columbia SC | Dr. Wych uses the Waterlase Laser for more comfortable, pain-free and efficient treatment

Dr. Wych uses the Waterlase Laser for more comfortable, painless and efficient treatment.

Thee Waterlase safely and gently removes tartar and pockets of bacteria without harming surrounding gum tissue. It can be used as a minimally invasive alternative to surgery for severe gum disease. Research has shown that the minimally invasive periodontal laser therapy using the Waterlase led to significant improvements in gum bleeding and pocket depth compared to only deep cleaning. The Waterlase is more comfortable and safer than other lasers as it doesn’t use heat. The laser also promotes healthy tissue regeneration. For severe periodontal disease, usually treated with surgery, Waterlase combines laser energy and a patented spray of water to cut soft tissue and bone without heat, with benefits such as less swelling and post treatment sensitivity. Using the Waterlase dental laser, Dr. Wych can treat most cases of gum disease painlessly, in the comfort and convenience of his office. Back to Top

What is gum disease and what causes it?

Dental Clinics Columbia SC | What is gum disease and what causes it

Gum disease is the #1 cause of adult tooth loss in the US! Gum disease is caused by bacteria in your mouth. In a healthy state, the gums around your teeth are tight, pink, do not bleed when they are gently probed, and there is little space between the gums and the teeth for bacteria to build up. If the bacteria are not removed effectively, your gums can start to bleed and may become red and swollen (gingivitis). The space between the gums and teeth becomes bigger. The bacteria now have somewhere to hide. As the space (pocket) deepens, the bacteria become more aggressive. Your body starts to fight this infection. This leads to periodontal disease or periodontitis*, a loss of the bone that supports the teeth. Therefore, the most important thing to do is correctly diagnose the presence and severity of gum disease. We test your gums for signs of gum disease and severity and then an appropriate plan can be made to prevent the spread and progression of the disease. *periodontitis: a word that comes from the combination of the smaller words: “per” meaning around, “dont” meaning tooth and “itis” meaning inflammation or infection Back to Top

Symptoms of gum disease

Factors that contribute to gum disease include poor oral hygiene, irregular professional dental cleanings, smoking or chewing tobacco, certain medications, defective fillings, crooked teeth and systemic diseases. Warning signs of gum disease are:

  • Gums that bleed during tooth brushing
  • Gums that have pulled away from the teeth
  • Persistent bad breath or bad taste
  • Permanent teeth that are loose or separating
  • Any change in the way your teeth fit together when you bite

A healthy lifestyle, regular brushing and flossing, and regular visits to the dentist for cleanings are the best way to keep your gums healthy and to avoid gum disease. To make an appointment, call us at 803-781-1600 or click here to request an appointment online. Back to Top

Cosmetic Laser Gum Recontouring

Dental Clinics Columbia SC | Cosmetic Laser Gum Surgery

Your gum tissue is like a frame that provides form and shape to the top of your tooth. A less than attractive, ‘gummy’ smile results when the integrity of the gum is compromised, or the actual gum between your teeth becomes weak. Usually due to poor hygiene (gum disease), you actually begin to lose gum tissue. Cosmetic gum surgery is the procedure of lengthening your teeth from the neck of the tooth upwards. Dr. Wych uses the Waterlase soft-tissue dental laser to painlessly correct a “gummy smile.” Your teeth then appear to be longer and much less gum is seen when you smile.

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