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Mouth Guards Can Improve Overall Athletic Performance!

As the warm weather begins to graciously invite children outside to play, their safety is the first thing on their parent’s mind. With organized sports or even casual pick-up games with friends, safety is extremely important on various levels. Sports in general are an excellent way to stay physically active. Dentists Columbia is taking this… read more »

Top Celebrity Mother’s

Mother’s Day comes but once a year but is a great opportunity for individuals to celebrate how much they truly love the mother figures in their lives.  Many individuals love to give gifts on this special day to show their mothers how much they love them.  Many of us don’t think that other gifts can… read more »

Easter Candy and the Three Hour Rule

A lot of people might not have ever heard about the three hour rule that comes along with Easter candy. This is something that might prevent a lot of cavities from happening. This is something that you should think about when it comes down to eating any kind of candy. Children love candy, especially around… read more »