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Where did your favorite Christmas traditions originate?

We do the same things every holiday season – consume abundant amounts of eggnog, decorate a tree, send cards and treats to our loved ones, kiss under a leafy branch, hang stockings over the fireplace and sing off-key carols about figgy pudding. Yes, these are our Christmas traditions and many of them have been around… read more »

True or False: Candy Canes Can Cause Bad Breath

Believe it or not, that’s true! Candy canes are particularly bad because they’re essentially pure sugar. The biggest issue occurs when people suck on them over a stretch of time, as this allows the sugars drench your teeth, wearing down enamel and causing bad breath. If you experience bouts of bad breath, you know it’s… read more »

Have you been hiding your smile in photos for years?

With the arrival of the holiday season, there is one constant – photographs. From casual family shots taken at a special meal and cooking holiday meals together in the kitchen to professional posed shots that you intend to send far and wide to your loved ones, you won’t be able to easily escape the ever-present… read more »

Are you leaving valuable money on the table?

This year is coming to an end and you’ve probably already made some new plans for the coming year. So today, we thought we should remind you of something that you often make plans for at the beginning of the year, but then forget about as the year progresses. Before the year officially ends, you… read more »