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Stay Hydrated

It’s time for summer time activities! The Irmo Cosmetic Dentist Columbia staff, however, usually hears many dental-related concerns from our patients during this time of year. These concerns, however, don’t exactly revolve entirely around the teeth. Instead, our patients are usually asking us, ‘what can I drink to stay hydrated throughout the summer… and keep… read more »

Summer Is Here—Healthy Food Choices

Let the summer celebrations begin! Any good summertime celebration starts and ends with great food and tasty drinks. To explore this phenomenon, the Irmo Cosmetic Dentists Columbia staff went to identify healthy summer foods that are not only great for the body—but even better for your teeth! Fruit salad. Crisp, cool and refreshing—there’s nothing like… read more »

Protect Your Lips

The most prominent organ of your body is actually your skin. Thanks to its importance, it’s incredibly essential that you take care of your skin, especially during the summer time when UV levels might negatively impact your exposed skin Although skin safety is incredibly important, a lot of people commonly overlook one part of the… read more »

Does Gum Disease Cause Heart Disease?

Does Gum Disease cause Heart Disease? The simple answer to this frequently asked question is “yes and no”! It seems like both would be related and one would cause the other. After all, they are both diseases with inflammation, both have similar and often, the same genetic markers, and both are silent but deadly. There… read more »