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Child Dentistry; There is a Difference

Going to the dentist is one of the most dreaded experiences facing a person in life. Fortunately dental procedures are more painless than ever. Still we have a lot of apprehension in the days leading up to an appointment and often drag our feet on making a new one. Children are no different than we… read more »

Valentine’s Day Might Be the Most Dangerous Holiday Ever

There will be a lot of kissing going on during this pseudo-holiday, and kissing can be inherently dangerous. Some diseases are spread directly from person to person, for example during kissing. To help keep you safe on the “Kissing Day” here is some information on mouth germs and what this means to you, the kisser…. read more »

Oscars & Teeth Whitening

Watching the Oscars and the actors and actresses on the red carpet is an American pastime that goes back more than half a century. One thing hasn’t changed; the glamour and pageantry involved in seeing your favorite actors and actresses interacting like real people; real people with really expensive clothes and very white teeth. Teeth… read more »

Children’s Dental National Health Month

For a relatively small movement that started as one single day of awareness, National Children’s Dental Health Month as taken on some momentum. Corporate sponsors about with gift bags, special assemblies at schools and a host of other oral hygiene geared events. All of these with an aim at educating children (and parents at times)… read more »