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Why We Celebrate Labor Day on Monday

Happy Labor Day!  Did you know that one of the reasons for choosing to celebrate this holiday on the first Monday in September was to add a holiday in the long gap between Independence Day and Thanksgiving?  Thanks to whoever came up with that idea! And if you’re of a certain age, you were probably… read more »

5 Teeth Whitening Options From Gum to Trays

Well, with technology and all the options available we do have a lot of choices to get a beautiful white smile that beams with self-confidence. But you should know the facts and what kind of results to expect from each of these options. Here’s a quick run-down on the different kinds of teeth whitening options… read more »

6 Things You Should Know About Teeth Grinding

Do you or someone you know grind their teeth?  According to the ADA 10-15% of the population does.  In severe cases, bruxism – grinding, gnashing or clenching your teeth can lead to problems. The painful results of grinding your teeth include; fractured teeth, headaches, jaw pain, chipped, flattened and worn teeth.  If left untreated, permanent… read more »

Back to School Mouthguards

Attention parents! Thirty million children take part in sports each year. Almost a million of them will end up in the emergency room with a jaw or face injury but a tiny piece of equipment could have saved a serious injury. Mouthguards can prevent certain injuries such as broken and chipped teeth, oral lacerations, jaw… read more »