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Some Information About Dental Implants

It’s fascinating – little did most of us know that dental implant procedures have been carried out for thousands of years. It’s known that mummies in Egypt have been discovered with wire implants made of gold in their jawbones. Gold! Imagine that. Skeletal remains from pre-Columbian times exhibit dental implants that are made from semi-precious… read more »

FastBraces Frequently Asked Questions

As a long-standing dentist working in and around Columbia South Carolina, I’ve encountered many patients who need a quick solution to minor teeth misalignment. For years I’ve been offering FastBraces as a solution and have decided to put together some information about them for you that will help you get a better understanding of how… read more »

Predicting Bone Fractures Through Dental X-Rays Now Possible

A recent study indicates that dental X-rays could be utilized to forecast bone fractures. The research was conducted by researchers from Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg. ┬áThe findings of the research were published in the Nature Reviews Endocrinology journal. According to the researchers, dental X-rays could be utilized to evaluate bone tissues found… read more »

Licorice Root Fights The Bacteria That Cause Tooth Decay

Well there’s more great news in the science of dentistry. As a Columbia dentist I can’t even begin to explain the joy I feel with all the amazing advances in the dental care that better help patients lead healthier lives with perfect smiles. So now, scientists have discovered that two substances found within dried licorice… read more »