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ADA Concerns About Commercial Teeth Whitening Products

Even though there’s been a constant increase in the popularity of teeth whitening, the American Dental Association has for years,  expressed their concerns about teeth whitening services being offered by mall kiosks that have no health care training and no license to provide dental health care services. They’ve also had concerns with over-the-counter teeth bleaching… read more »

Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry Hopes To Cheat Death

A group of Canadian researchers at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry have discovered a common virus that is related to AIDS, influenza, hepatitis C, West Nile disease and Dengue fever, and is able to delay death and thus allows the viral disease to spread throughout the body. This is because certain viruses block the… read more »

We Have A Special Report To Offer You

Are you afraid of the dentist? If you are or someone you know is we have a free special report for you! The fact that many people are afraid of the dentist is very real and an important risk factor when it comes to oral health. It’s simple: if you’re afraid of the dentist download… read more »

New Dental Patient Special Offer

Every once on a while I like to send out or post reminders to my dental  patients about our ongoing special regarding new dental patients. As a new dental patient of Dr. Gregory Wych, you’ll receive the following treatments among others: Oral Cancer Screening Jaw Joint Analysis Digital Radiograph x-ray Cosmetic Consultation The above treatments… read more »