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What is Dental Anxiety

Do you, or, do you know somebody that gets stressed just from thinking about the dentist? Are you embarrassed about the way you think your teeth look and don’t want another lecture from your dentist. Did you just have a bad experience with a dentist and all you can do is associate the dentist with… read more »

How to Brush Properly

As a practitioner of general dentistry I’d like to give you some sound advice on brushing. Did you know that regular brushing twice a day and flossing is a great way to maintain good oral health care. Poor brushing and flossing techniques are sure to lead to tooth and root decay and eventually tooth loss…. read more »

Do You Want An iPad? Here’s An Easy Way To Win One

Well even though it’s been a busy first month of 2011 for dentistry in Irmo, I felt it the best way to top off the month would be by giving away an iPad to one of my dentistry patients and you just might be the lucky one to get it! So, I’ve been thinking it… read more »

Flossing Your Teeth Is Crucial To Your Overall Health

Not too long ago, I wrote about 3 tips that help avoid cavities in children and within the dental tips that were laid out one of them was about teaching and encouraging your children to floss. Well today I’m going to expand upon the practice of flossing your teeth and how crucial flossing your teeth… read more »