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Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Who’s pumped for Thanksgiving? I know I am. I know I usually write about issues related to health and cosmetic dentistry  but today I’m writing about the holiday that means a lot to me and a lot of things to different people – it means seeing friends and family, having our traditional turkey dinner and… read more »

Choosing The Right Cosmetic Dentist

From all walks of life, you’ll find people who are considering having cosmetic dentistry procedures done on their moouth and teeth. Many of these same people don’t understand that importance of choosing the right cosmetic dentist and end up regretting the time and money the put into their dentists of choice. Before you choose a… read more »

Remembering Our Fallen Veterans

Hi, life isn’t always about cosmetic dentistry, and today it’s about Veteran’s Day – the day that has a special meaning for all of us. Throughout our history, family members, friends and relatives have sacrificed their lives defending our country, our way of life, so that we can enjoy the freedom that our forefathers had… read more »

Relax With Sedation Dentistry

The sedation dentistry our Columbia-area practice offers eliminates the anxiety and fear you get when thinking about going to the dentist. You take the pill an hour before coming to our office. A companion of your choice then drives you to our office. Testimonials say a lot. Listen to some of Dr. Wych’s sedation dentistry… read more »